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Porn stars and serial killers, Nazis and nymphomaniacs, hunchbacks and bare-knuckle boxers: just a few of the disparate cast of characters who call the remote moorland community of Fryupdale their home. These 18 short stories reveal the unflinching truths behind their lonely, sad and sometimes hilarious lives – and why the world beyond village limits will always seem so distant.

Smashwords/Amazon reviews:

“Dark, sad and hilarious all at once – *****”

“By turns hilarious and heartbreaking, grimly realistic and deeply surreal – *****”

“I would almost swear the author has met some of my relatives – *****”

“This is unlike any short story collection I have ever read – *****”

“England in a microcosm – ****”

“Written in the style of an Enid Blyton fuelled by too many fruit-based vodka drinks – *”

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