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#FLUXCUP18 No. 1

#FLUXCUP18 No. 2


#FLUXCUP is a year-long, aleatory event. Three hundred and sixty-four nations play off in a knockout format with their results determined by the roll of two dice, until one nation remains. These books chronicle each nation as they exit, building a truly aleatogeographical atlas of the world. For more see £5

Razzle Vol. 7. No. 10


In 2003 the American conceptual writer Kenneth Goldsmith published ‘Day’, comprising every letter, number and symbol of the September 1, 2000 edition of the New York Times. Razzle Vol. 7. No 10. represents its unashamedly prurient equivalent: every textual element in a 1989 edition of the eponymous British soft-core porno magazine. Elevating the words to centre-stage, Razzle.. reclaims and re-frames the faux-erotic language of the pre-internet age whilst simultaneously thumbing its nose at PC auto-outrage and countering the enroaching moral repression of the day. £5

The Road to N’Djamena


Comprising five conceptual journeys generated by Google Maps, The Road to N’Djamena proposes a new kind of psychogeography for the post-internet age: one which rejects the increasingly banal and ubiquitous motifs of conventional travel writing and re-introduces a world with (almost) unlimited possibilities. From Blaise Cendrars’ ‘Transsiberien’ to Julio Cortazar’s trawl through the rest-stops of French autoroutes, the avant-garde has long sought to expand upon the traditional definition of ‘journey’. The Road to N’Djamena finds new wildernesses within its paratexts, inviting its readers to contemplate the still-impossibly-exotic without ever leaving their seats. £8

Twenty-three Taco Bell Robberies

Twenty-three Dunkin’ Donuts Robberies

Twenty-three Dairy Queen Robberies


Appropriating the style of Ed Ruscha’s seminal ‘Twentysix Gasoline Stations’, the ‘Twentythree.. Robberies’ series offers an up-to-date and constantly evolving portrait of US society through the prism of two of its most enduring obsessions: food and guns. £5

The Escaped Horse: Collected Fanzines


For two mercifully short years in the early 1990s, ‘The Escaped Horse’ chronicled the questionable fortunes of Thornton-le-Dale Football Club as they wallowed in the depths of the Scarborough and District League Division Three. Ignoring regular verbal abuse and threats of physical violence, and undeterred by the League’s attempt to issue them with banning orders, its editors went where others feared to tread. Reproduced here in its entirety, ‘The Escaped Horse’ is an enduring, warts-and-all expose of life at the arse-end of football. £8.50