Fryup Publishing



Details of prospective projects and publications will appear here. Initially at least, they will use Lulu.

All of the Anti-Sonnets are in the process of being produced in a series of fourteen separate books.

Fryup Publishing is interested in producing anthologies which fit with its broadly ‘mega-subjective’ theme: see here for a rough outline.

Recurring themes include a sort-of neo-Rabelaisian mix of sex, food and nostalgia: basically, anything especially – mega-subjectively – evocative.

Note Ubuweb’s ‘Unpublishable‘ section: as its editor Kenneth Goldsmith says, ‘what we once considered to be our trash may, after all, turn out to be our greatest treasure’.

In other words, that unfinished juvenilia you’ve clogging a long-forgotten folder in your hard drive for the past five years? It’s probably right up Fryup Publishing’s street.

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