Peterheed Quines

dn i rd iz a gr8 place
n i beach iz even btr
so gt i fuck a o ueenz
that think itz a pile o shite
cuz iz it hell!
n nae a o i quines
r sluts itz a shame
u peterheed quines
dina dress bonny
n a o ur loons widna cum
in ti gt i broch quines
so up yours
u fucking twats!!!!
fuck yiz a!


Human Spaceflight Missions

Celebrate autumnal flask-fillers
kayaking the Ionian Sea:
Campbell’s Beef Consomme
at the Loony Bin Comedy Club, Tulsa.

One clean accurate version. No abusive ads.
As an installer, you could join
human spaceflight missions.
Aromatic broth will warm you on a winter’s evening.


SMOG MISERY HITS MILLIONS Alarm as experts warn more killer clouds to come By Nathan Rao SMOG was last night blamed for a surge in the number of people suffering health problems, including potentially deadly asthma attacks. Smartphones are blamed for epidemic of insomnia By Sharon Marris COMPUTERS and smartphones are being blamed for an epidemic of sleep deprivation. Mouthwash is linked to oral cancer USING mouthwash more than three times a day increases the risk of mouth and throat cancer, new research warns. Asthma attacks rocket as toxic smog takes toll FROM PAGE ONE research that two-thirds of people with asthma find that air pollution makes their asthma worse. Sufferer’s ‘scary’ 3 days of pollution By Nathan Rao ASTHMA sufferer June Thompson said the past three days have been “scary” for people with breathing difficulties. We need beauty sleep Almost six out of 10 people regularly get fewer than seven hours of sleep a night leaving millions of us battling the effects of sleep deprivation. Frederick Forsyth Here’s a way to bring up the black box I imagine that everyone with eyes and ears will have been following the utterly weird story of the diversion and disappearance of the Malaysian airliner somewhere in the South Indian ocean. The third anniversary of the Syrian civil war has just slipped by, along with the six-month birthday of the latest horror weapon: the barrel bomb. 8m Britons who suffer in silence By Jo Willey Health Editor MILLIONS of Britons feel ill most of the time but a huge number suffer in silence, says a new poll. Hunt for lost jet ‘will never falter’ By Mark Reynolds A PLEDGE to “never give up” the search for the missing flight MH370 was made by Malaysia’s prime minister yesterday. Taxpayers’ bill for interpreters doubles to £15m The cost to taxpayers of foreign language translators in the courts has almost doubled in a year to more than £15million. Mums blamed for child tooth decay epidemic CHILDREN as young as six are having rotten teeth pulled out because parents are feeding them so many sweets and sugary snacks, a health chief said yesterday. Letters The Daily Express, Number 10 Lower Thames Street, London EC3R 6EN. Fax: 0207 098 2704 Email: (include your address and telephone number) Pensioners are penalised for having paid their way DO people really think it is right to start taking away the small benefits given to the elderly, the very people who have paid all their lives into the NHS (“Elderly should pay to shore up the NHS”, April 3)? Letter of the day Migrants’ easy ride is insult to our elderly I HAVE just read your article about the benefits immigrants are claiming and how they are playing the system (“EU migrants flock to ‘soft touch’ Britain”, April 3). PAMPERED PETS Our vet David Grant works his animal magic Q WE have a three-year-old Border collie who constantly chews and scratches herself. She doesn’t appear to have any sores or fleas. What could be the reason for her strange behaviour? BBC One 11.00 Don’t Get Done, Get Dom Two families whose foreign holidays went awry (AD) (W) (S) ITV 9.25 The Jeremy Kyle Show The host invites guests to air their differences over family issues. (W) (S) RETIREMENT FIND OUT HOW TO… INCREASE YOUR PENSION WITH OUR FREE SIMPLE GUIDE Murray has the bug from Bob McKenzie in Naples A VIRUS left Andy Murray confined to his hotel but the Wimbledon champion says he is still desperate to lead the GB team against Italy in the fight for a Davis Cup semi-final spot. Pearce back to lift gloom JOHN WRAGG reports WHEN Stuart Pearce was manager of Nottingham Forest the first time round he was nervous Benteke sidelines FROM BACK PAGE in America in the summer and £4m Danish centre-half Jores Okore has been out most of te season with a knee ligament damage. Swansea interim boss Gary Monk is desperate to keep hold of captain Ashley Williams, who has a year left on his contract. Terminal end of Chelsea’s £50m clown prince TONY BANKS reports HE trudged through the empty Gatwick airport terminal, eyes down, earphones plugged in, suitcase dragging behind him.BENTEKE OUT OF WORLD CUP By John Wragg ASTON VILLA’S Christian Benteke has been ruled out of the World Cup after rupturing his Achilles. Mourinho told he must sell stars EXCLUSIVE By Tony Banks JOSE MOURINHO may have to sacrifice either Eden Hazard or Oscar as he rebuilds Chelsea after being hit by the bombshell that he must sell before he can buy this summer. JOSE’S HAZARD WARNING



Daily Express Fri Apr 14 2014